Band Central Fund At Fairfield County's Community Foundation Presents... 

BackStage Pass was created in response to Covid 19 to allow nonprofits and corporations to remain connected with their employees, clients and donors/board members in a meaningful way via live Zoom sessions with Band Central musicians akin to an exclusive BackStage experience. 

Musicians cover a variety of topics related to education, healing and entertainment. Sessions range between 15 to 60 minutes where musicians introduce themselves, perform songs, and engage in Q&A dialogue with participants. 

Sessions are customized to cover musical areas such as songwriting, singing, sax, piano, guitar and percussion. Or, cover broader educational areas such as decision making, overcoming stage fright, the history of American music, healing with music, practicing music, etc.


BackStage Pass can be used in multiple ways: 

  • Nonprofits providing community building for staff

  • Nonprofits providing entertainment to their clients

  • Nonprofits looking to engage and steward donors and board members 

  • Companies looking to increase connection or community and boost employee morale 


Musicians selected for this program are empathetic, experienced performers who inherently listen and respond with care and compassion. Our performers connect with many audiences including students, teachers, parents, adults with developmental disabilities and people dealing with other challenges. 

To learn more about BackStage Pass, schedule a consultation call with Band Central founder Rob Fried at 


Download our BackStage Pass one-pager here!