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Band Central's mission is to unite a community of non-profits, talented musicians, donors and audience members through themed music concerts. Band Central collaborates with non-profits in the Greater Connecticut area to maximize their revenue potential using a multifaceted collaborative approach. Founder Rob Fried's extensive investment background, passion for music and personal desire to 'do good' combine to fuel our important work. Since its inception in 2005, Band Central has raised approximately $4 million dollars for its charities. So far this year, we've reached $600,000. Our philosophy: "when we band together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

How it works...

Band Central initiates the process by providing a grant from it's fund at Fairfield County's Community Foundation. Next, we partner with a non-profit around a music themed fundraising event and successfully engage existing donors and attract new ones. 


What we provide for non-profits...


If you work with Band Central on your next fundraising event, we will expand your non-profits donor base, provide promotion and marketing for your event through our many platforms including Band Central Radio on WPKN, help you plan an unforgettable event and ultimately, increase the size of your event donations. 

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