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THE THREE P'S✨- October '23

Dear Friends,

In last month’s newsletter I discussed the mental health crisis and suggested that along with becoming more aware of the big picture predicament in our country, it is also a good time to do a personal “check up from the neck up” by reviewing your "Three P’s: People, Places and Purpose." To Recap:

  • People: Surround yourself with friends, family, groups, teachers, co-workers and therapists that support healing and mental wellness.

  • Places: Create and embrace safe spaces…a clean home, an organized office, a welcoming community center, an inviting school.

  • Purpose: Make it your purpose to help others and you will help yourself. 

Reviewing our personal Three P’s and making adjustments, empowers us to achieve balance and happiness in our own lives.

Recently, I attended an insightful mental health symposium at Dartmouth College, where 6 surgeon generals, current and past, provided their perspective. 

Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Vivek Murthy, the current surgeon general, stated that the root cause of the mental health crisis is loneliness, particularly for the 10 - 30 year age group. He emphasized the importance of socializing in person, having more frequent phone calls in lieu of using social media and cultivating community.

  2. Another surgeon general raised the issue of the need for more trained mental health professionals to support the increasing demand for treatment.

  3. Technology can play a critical role in gathering data to help detect and diagnose mental health issues. For example phone apps can capture information about our sleep, nutrition, location, movements and biomarkers to provide individuals with feedback, suggested actions, and individualized treatment plans.

  4. Vivek Murthy also discussed the importance of practicing empathy and compassion towards others, as well as moving away from political divisiveness especially during this stressful pre-election period.  

I hope you find our communications entertaining, informative and useful and will join us by attending our live music events, listening to Band Central Radio on WPKN (and WPKN Podcasts and YouTube) and following us on Facebook.

Peace and love,

Rob & The Band Central Team



On Friday, October 20 Band Central will present “Rockin Halloween Bash” at FTC Stage One to benefit CLASP and their homes, skills and life training for adults with developmental disabilities.  Tickets are $45. Join us for Halloween fun that will make a positive impact for our community!



Check out the video above for our September 24 Band Central Radio program featuring Amy Barnouw, Director CT Audubon Society, Jeff Keith, founder and CEO of Mission/CT Challenge and Tracy Flood, CEO of CLASP.


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