About our Founder...

After decades of performing at nightclubs and festivals, Rob Fried had the opportunity to perform alongside Meryl Streep and Paul Newman to preserve Connecticut farmland which ignited a vision to play “music with purpose." Combining decades of business and investment experience as a founder of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, with his musical passion, Fried began to unite non-profit partners, musicians, donors and audience members to help Connecticut families.  Band Central was born to create fundraising events that connect giving with joy and entertainment.  

"When I see how people respond to live music, its a powerful thing. When people get up to dance, are smiling, and the euphoria happens, its almost like the audience becomes 

another member of the band.  As a bassist and vocalist, I try to feel what they are feeling and then take it higher.  That is a big part of the joy of being a musician” -Rob Fried

The Band Central Process...

Band Central initiates the process by providing a grant to a worthy nonprofit partner (for general operating support) from its donor-advised fund at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. It then partners with the nonprofit to market the music themed fundraising event, engaging the nonprofit’s existing donors and attracting new ones. The Band Central team develops close relationships with non-profit partners including providing technical assistance to help them build their capabilities in strategy, board fundraising engagement, marketing, branding and social media-focused fundraising.


What we provide for non-profits...


Band Central helps non-profits expand their donor base and provides event promotion and marketing, help non-profits plan an unforgettable event and ultimately increase donation sizes. We utilize our radio station, Band Central Radio on WPKN, to promote the non-profit and their fundraising event. Band Central then leverages our network of over 200 musicians to produce a "concert with a cause."