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1.House Parties

with live music are used to connect the nonprofit with smaller audiences. They can be an effective way to introduce live music and more casual events to an audience base. A smaller ensemble of 3-4 musicians is typical. The low-cost and low-risk of house parties makes them especially appealing to first-time Band Central nonprofits and/or small nonprofits.

Example: KEYS, May 2018.

This organization netted about $40,000.


2. Appearances

at pre-existing events, such as donor appreciation gatherings, are a good way to experience working with Band Central. Guests are invited by the nonprofit, and because the cost of the event is largely sunk, the upside of Band Central’s appearance and promotion can be impactful.

Example: DOMUS Kids, November 2018.

This organization netted about $31,000.


3. Public Concerts

involve renting a venue and selecting a music theme. Band Central has been able to help nonprofits generate significant revenue via public concerts while maintaining a relatively low-cost profile.


Example: CLASP, October 2019.

This organization netted nearly $33,000.


4. Featured Concerts

involve using Band Central’s music industry contacts to book

a named artist with an audience draw to attract existing and new donors to learn about the non-profit. These events have a higher cost structure and therefore more risk and opportunity.

Example: Woofgang & Company, September 2019.

This organization netted about $140,000.

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Band Central offers four specific levels of engagement for nonprofits:

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