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Donors contribute to the Band Central Fund at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and then experience a multiplier on their contribution. In other words, through ticket sales, sponsorships, paddle raises, auctions, raffles, ad sales, and additional donations at events, Band Central has helped multiply donations to the Band Central Fund by approximately 3:1. Funds received from donors are used to incentivize the nonprofits to raise more funds. A portion of the money raised pays for the operating costs to produce the shows, such as musician payments, theatre rental, lights, sound, food, and printing of programs. The remainder goes to the nonprofit.

Another multiplier is that donors to the Band Central Fund become aware of Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, a public charity located in their backyard. The Community Foundation offers various charitable fund products and advisory services for philanthropic individuals and families, such as donor-advised funds, field of interest funds, and college scholarship funds.

Make a donation to support music with purpose today HERE.

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