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Caring for our Creativity✨- April '23

Dear Friends,

Harnessing creativity and positive energy that surrounds us can be powerful. Find time in your day and week to get inspired and create, even if it seems mundane. It need not be grandiose. Even when we do something like come up with a new recipe, we experience creativity which stimulates a deeper awareness. Check out Rick Rubin’s recent book called The Creative Act. He’s a legendary music producer who says creativity is not something you do, rather it is a way of being. It transports us to a place of innocence, to our childhood mind, and it is something everyone can benefit from.  

Each time I share original music with the world I remind myself of the importance of this creative flow by stating, “sharing these songs is like sharing a good meal with friends… music and songwriting is not just something that I do, it's deeply part of who I am.” This helps me get my ego out of the way, and realize I belong to the stream of life. 

I was recently in awe of the creative juices emanating from Band Central musicians and our nonprofit partners during last month’s fundraising concerts for Kennedy Collective, Center For Family Justice and Sterling House Community Center as shown in the photos below.

I hope you find our communications entertaining, informative and useful. Spark a little personal creativity and join us by attending our live music events, listening to Band Central Radio on WPKN (and WPKN Podcasts and YouTube) and following us on social.

Peace and love,

Rob & The Band Central Team



This month we highlight CT Institute For Refugee and Immigrants (CIRI) and WPKN 89.5 Public Radio! On April 20 Band Central will perform at Park City Music Hall to bring awareness and funds to CIRI. This show features an ALL STAR lineup of incredible local musicians you do not want to miss! Learn more about the event and the musicians HERE.

We also admire the creativity at WPKN 89.5 Public Radio in Bridgeport where Band Central Radio broadcasts from 12-1:00pm the forth Monday each month. WPKN has approximately 75 DJ programmers that offer an amazing window into music and culture.  The New Yorker recently recognized WPKN as “the greatest radio station in the world” as a nod to the creative force they bring to our community.  They recently added their own YouTube channel for live streaming, in addition to their live broadcasting and podcasting.

Here is the YouTube live stream of our March Band Central Radio program featuring Carole Sylvan, Susan Schnitzer, Caroline Pech and Steve di Costanzo.  We’ve provided time stamps to help you locate segments that interest you.

18:15- Live broadcast begin - Rob Fried, Steve di Costanzo intro

27:25- Play one song - Savin' Up For Your Love by Carole Sylvan

30:15- Rob Interviews Carole Sylvan

45:55- Rob and Carole Sylvan perform live in Studio

49:15- “News Of The Benevolent” Segment

52:30- Rob interviews Susan Schnitzer and Caroline Pech from CIRI

111:40- Closing segment - Life Colors by Rob Fried

113:31- Broadcast ends


Here’s are some words from our friend, drummer Bill Carbone, on his experience playing drums in our March show for Kennedy Collective …

“I played “Don’t Fear The Reaper” with Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult last night. After years of people screaming more cowbell at me it was an arrival of sorts. Joe told me that the song streams 4 million times a week. Cowbells rule. Shoutout to Rob Fried from @experiencebandcentral for consistently putting together killer ensembles that play shows for good causes. Such a great v

ibe. Shoutout to Joe for being a rocker, a gentleman, and cool as a cucumber despite his history in one of the biggest rock bands ever!”


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